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Mobile Services Providers – Fixed Broadband services through 4G/5G radio

The radio solutions provided by Katela networks can perfectly apply to starting a business, or extending other traditional mobile business, to provide broadband to homes through a 4G connexion and 4G modem installed at home.
This is especially valid in low density areas where it is not cost efficient or not even possible to deploy ADSL or Fiber to homes.

Katela Solution is providing the radio base stations, the antennas, the power supply cables, lightning protection, splitters (if required). When off-grid, Katela Networks will provide a recommendation about the likely configuration of the solar panels to be provided, and possible 4G/5G equipement to be installed at home. Masts and shelters for the Base Stations shall be provided by our customers.

SIM cards and SIM cards writters can be provided by Katela Networks, or the customer.

Katela Networks will usually provide training, installation and installation support services (on-site or remote).

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