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The Radio Network solutions developed and proposed by Katela Networks, enable service providers to easily and quickly implement radio solutions to fit their needs and supply outstanding quality mobile networks.

Our 2G-3G-4G and 5G solutions provide end-to-end solutions for mobile service providers, private entreprises, government organizations...

GTA and GTS Models

Network implementation
Operator network extension
Coverage of isolated areas

2G/3G/4G/5GNR technology

Options of 2G+3G or 2G+4G in the same box 

The base stations are based on an "all in a box" architecture.

No need for an air-conditioned shelter.

Compact, rugged, water- and dust-resistant enclosure.

Simplicity, security and energy saving

Reduced clutter, build-up time and cost.



2G and 3G technology with option of 2G+3G

BTS, BSC and MSC in a single, compact enclosure


4G LTE / 5G NR

4G and 5G technology with option of 2G+4G


RRH, BBU and EPC components in a single compact enclosure.

Base Station Globaltel.jpg


The radio solutions provided by Katela networks can perfectly apply to to provide broadband to homes through a 4G connexion

vehicule tactique.jpg


Katela Networks brings a complete and flexible brick to the ITN (Intergated Tactical Network).

Secured, flexible, easy to deploy, our solutions allow to interconnect all existing tactical equipement based on IP technology.

Image de Jonas Stolle


Katela Networks provides network extensions to already deployed network, thanks to its Base Stations wich can easily and seamlessly be connected to existing core network of the service provider.

Station de codage


We are providing disruptive solution for 2G/3G/4G/5G core elements giving you the possibility to manage a full core network at an incredible low investment.

Katela Networks is also providing other tools for carriers (Billing, NMS, SIM Tools ...)

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