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Mobile Service Providers –  Network Extension

Katela Networks provides very easy network extensions to already deployed network, thanks to its Base Stations that are 3GPP compliant and can easily and seamlessly connect to existing core network of the service provider.

The solutions provided for all technologies (2G, 3G, 4G, 5G) can allow to deploy cost-effectively the radio networks (in areas with low-density population, or in a specific region of the country  for example) and help the service providers to fulfill their commitments toward the licenses award conditions from the regulator.

Note that the extension network can be shared up to 5 Service Providers, with traffic segregation.

In such cases, Katela Networks is providing the radio solutions (SISO or MIMO Base Stations) and the services to connect the Base Stations to the Service Provider which is a matter of a couple of days maximum.

The extension network is seen by end customers exactly as the main network from the Service Provider (same SIMs, same network code, same billing mechanisms).

Katela Solution is providing the radio base stations, the antennas, the power supply cables, lightning protection, splitters (if required). When off-grid, Katela Networks will provide a recommendation about the likely configuration of the solar panels to be provided. Masts and shelters shall be provided by our customers.

Katela Networks will usually provide training, installation and installation support services (on-site or remote).

The solutions are very light and easy to deploy, and we have combined 2G/3G, 2G/4G, 2G/5G, 4G/5G Base stations in the same enclosure.

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