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Design Consultancy

Core network


Telecom software developpement

Specific hardware design

We support you in the project study and the design of your architecture in order to optimize and secure the integration of our solutions in your environment.



Configuration and installation

Our experts provide personalized theoretical and practical training sessions at all levels, on site or remotely.


Coverage Study

Coverage studies for any environment and frequencies
Delivery of  graphic files
Coverage optimization

We carry out mobile coverage estimates, including the delivery of a detailed study as well as our recommendations for reaching the target coverage.


SIM Cards

SIM card production
SIM card settings


We provide configured or pre-configured SIM cards. Design according to your graphic charter or white SIM cards


Additional hardware & accessories

Antennas – multi frequencies
Power supply and power cable
Mounting rack
Power converter
Coaxial and ethernet cables...

Lightening protection, Splitter

support technique barbu.jpg

Technical support

Hardware maintenance

Technical support

Supervision and monitoring

We provide hardware maintenance, and 24/7 technical support. Our specialist technicians help you diagnose anomalies and support you in incident management. We also monitor your equipment and intervene in the event of an alert.

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