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Katela Networks can provide Greenfield operators with full radio and core network to start very quickly its operations. Our solutions are fully 3GPP compliant.

This can be 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G greenfield operation, or any combination of those.

The Base Stations/BTS can be delivered with various output power, MIMO or SISO, 1 to 3 sectors each with multiple BTS or splitters.

We also deliver performing Core Networks for each technologies at very competitive prices.

Katela Networks will usually provide training, installation and installation support services (on-site or remote).

In addition to the Radio stations, Katela Networks can provide additional equipment like Antennas, Cabling, splitters, Lightning protection, SIM cards and SIM cards writer, and also software solutions like CSFB (fall-over from 4 or 5G to 2G for voice services).

Katela Networks has also developed a customer Care and Billing system (Pre-Paid and Post-Paid) in order for the Service Provider to immediately monetize the network.

The solutions are very light and easy to deploy, and we have combined 2G/3G, 2G/4G, 2G/5G, 4G/5G Base stations in the same enclosure.

Mobile Service Providers – Greenfield Implementation

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